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Since it's conception in 1984, Aqualife Aquarium Systems has been a leader in professional aquarium maintenance and custom design in the greater Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas.

Our company provides superior service for over 280 clients. Aqualife Aquariums is located in Edmond where we use state of the art filtration, lighting, and water purifying technology for all freshwater, saltwater, and "mini" or "nano" reef aquariums.

Elegance Coral, Photo by Chris Sanchez

Sebae Anenome w/Percula and Foxface Rabbitfish, Photo by Chris Sanchez


Aqualife Aquarium Systems Technicians are available Sunday thru Saturday with a 24 hour "on call" option to accomodate any questions or aquarium needs.

Our aquarium maintenance department ensures the highest quality of water for service on all freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums by utilizing carbon filtration and ultra violet sterilization. To determine your aquarium needs, we inspect of all chemical and mechanical filtration, provide on site water quality testing, and observe overall fish health and behavior.

Aqualife offers all aspects service of your equipment such as; replacement filters, heaters, pumps, and decorations. Also we offer a wide selection of fish foods either dry or frozen, catered toward every fish or critter you have.

                                    Chris Sanchez

Office Hours                     Mon - Fri  8a to 6p
                                          Saturday 9a to 5p
Office Phone:                    405-216-9096
Mobile:                             405-641-2662

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